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Thread: The Poor Woman's Porsche

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    Quote Originally Posted by hinrichs View Post
    Looking awesome, fresh parts really cleaned it up.
    Thank you! I agree. It feels so much cleaner.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kyrin View Post
    Car looks great!

    Pls bring this to H2oi hehe
    I really want to! Ben and were joking about bringing it then we got more serious. But, it needs brakes. The new pads and rotors won't be here in time and we definitely won't have time to change it ourselves before we leave. It's a 12 hour drive for us, and I think the 944 could make it but I get really nervous driving so long by myself haha. Next year I think! And Ben might be taking it to Slammedenuff Gatlinburg. Not sure yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Miroteknik View Post
    Yeah that really cleaned and filled her out. Looks wonderful.
    I agree! And the rear bumper feels like night and day to me. Thank you so much.

    Quote Originally Posted by bwwaaaa View Post
    Saw your friend Alex’s video, really cool to see the process. Love the side skirts, fits the lines of the car really nicely, definitely worth the effort that went into them.
    Oh my gosh Alex did SUCH an amazing job on the car. I had no idea how much of a headache the skirts would be. They are no longer made, but these skirts had never been mounted, so it was totally trial and error. The rear bumper had been mounted before, but the previous car it was on caught on fire, so it needed a lot of work, too. Alex's attention to detail is insane. I would 10/10 recommend him if anyone in the Atlanta area needs paintwork.

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    Looks so good. Damn.
    Ol Dirty Bastard

    Photo by Alex Dooley

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    Wow what a transformation, the car looks soooo clean!

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    I really really love this car!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnmzl View Post
    I vote full red. Both rear and side.
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    Looks spot on! Need more photos of this for sure.
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