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Thread: Any dangers of having the air tank in the car's interior?

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    Default Any dangers of having the air tank in the car's interior?

    Hey everyone. Bagging my 00 Miata and looking for places for the tank. I usually keep tools and spare parts in the trunk, and mounting the compressors there was a bit of a pain, but now I've got to find a home for the 4 gallon tank. I'm thinking of putting it on the parcel shelf right behind the seats, but I'm wary of doing so.
    Is my hesitation justified or am I just overthinking things? Are there any real dangers of putting the air tank in the car's interior?

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    I never heard of any tanks exploding, obviously if in good working condition!

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    I don't see any real issue with this. Heck, my 67 Chevy C/10 had the gas tank in the cab behind the seat! From the factory! The danger with the air tank is that the steel will eventually rust inside and the tank will explode under pressure. That process, if you don't replace your tank well before that happens, would take years and years. Probably much longer than the life of the car it's in. You don't have that fear with an aluminum tank, which obviously isn't going to rust.

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