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Thread: 16" AAG (Austria Alu-Guss) Wheels 16x7,5 4x114,3

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    Thumbs up SOLD 16" AAG (Austria Alu-Guss) Wheels

    For sale this rare set of 16" deep dish AAG (Autria Alu-Guss) restored wheels. Good condition and really nice set of rare wheels

    ET 28
    Center bore 70mm or 66.1 thanks to 4 hub bore adapters (included)
    4 original Borbet logo caps buyed at Germany also 3 original AAG logo caps (unrestored)

    Location: Spain - Mallorca

    I can post worlwide at customer expense, just let me know your location and I will ask for shipping price or if you preffer you can ask your own courrier to pickup the wheels.

    Price 500 + shipping.

    Few pictures here and all pictures you want on demand.

    Just for info another set of this same wheels was sold for 900 +shipping at this same forum. my offer is really interesting for this high quality wheels
    If you take a look to the other advertise you will notice this other set is totally polished but originaly this wheels comes from factory with light brused lips and I like just as they comes from factory, the only difference of mines is I painted all wheel center in satin black because I liked more all black than polished but change this little detail is very easy and If you like polished lines you can do it with almost no effort.

    Also I did with photoshop few color test and look how awesome can they look!! And thanks they have a flat radious you can change easily the color just using WrapVinyl Just you have to choose the color you like cut a cirle, put on the wheel center and cut the holes with a cutter and job done, color changed for cheap and also you can peel off and let they as they was before with no effort

    Photoshop Examples for how can they look just changing the radious color with vinyl or changing the wheel color

    Feel free to ask me any questions you have.

    Best regards.
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    Default 16x7,5j Wheels

    Few pictures more where you can see how can they look in differents finishing

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    Price drop, now 550

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    Default 16" AAG (Austria Alu-Guss) Wheels 16x7,5 4x114,3

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    Pm sent

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    Price drop 525€

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    Price drop!

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    ship to US?

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    No problem, send me a PM with your adress for ask a courrier for shipping price

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    Thumbs up

    Similar wheels on a Z31

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