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    Hey I have a w210 wagon that want to bag but I having trouble finding any pictures or really any information on bagging a w210. Also trying to get an idea on cost of bagging car when doing it yourself. Any help is appreciated

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    You are going to have to swap the rear lower control arms to sedan arms and bypass the self leveling setup that's in there from the factory before you can go on. Then the rest is fabbing and welding. The cost depends on the management you use and the quality of the parts around. You can get away with doing it cheap for around 2k, or spend 3k on just management.

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    I have all the arms with the necessary brackets welded on already. Basically plug and play. PM me if interested in purchasing. I can let you know 100% what to do, how to wire, etc.

    Reference: Previous bagged 210, now on H&R for canyons

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    Someone HELP ME
    I have a E300 turbodiesel w210 Estate and I want to find an airbag kit. Is my suspension the same as a saloon model? I can only seem to find kits aimed at the Saloon(Sedan) Anyone out there point me in the direction of what bags I can buy and what else I need. No problem with the management kit as plenty to choose from. Much appreciated.

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