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Thread: BMW E34 520i Touring

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    Cool BMW E34 520i Touring

    Hey guys,

    decided to be a little bit active again :-D
    so i guess few people might remember my E46 330d touring.. after i sold that, i bought a daily 650i E63..
    BUT, 1.5 years after that, i felt that something is missing, i didnt have any stanced car, and needed something real bad and the best would be some youngtimer. and because i am a sucker for tourings, i got found a great example, so i went and bought it for my 30th birthday :-D
    it had to be a petrol, so it was a bone stock 1994 E34 touring, with straight 6 petrol and manual gearbox, and driving takes you back to those days.. almost no equipment, grey cloth interior, but the car looked (and still looks) like looked like this, when i bought it:

    first season (2016) i made some changes, bought amber lights, put in new exhaust muffler for some noise, and also, wanted something special for wheels.. i knew i wanted to run 18", so i found very rare 18" steelies with 5x120 (guess what they come from), and got them widened to some crazy widths..
    and also some narrow tires for great stretch :-D
    specs: 18x9.5" 205/40 + 18x11.3" 225/40

    and this is how it came out..

    put in the amber side markers and some black vinyl on headlights..

    i also managed to source the heckblende from sedan and fitted it with double sided tape, but it wasnt right unfortunately :-( didnt last there too long, but it looked insanely good

    after that, there was time finally for some detailing.. did polish the whole car etc.. and meanwhile, police officers took my pinkslip, because of the wheels so i had to legalize them :-D

    and finally, for 2016 season, i dialed in the fitment, put in wider spacers on front, cut the bumpstops down, so it was sitting lower by 2cm..and added some graphics, coz i felt it was a bit boring :-D

    for 2017 there were few other changes, i wanted to make the car more driveable, on 18" it was really horrid ride :-D so i sourced some awesome Remotec wheels, with 16x9" ET9 squared setup.. bought som 195/60 tires, to have at least little bit of stretch, threw the wheels on, with spacers, removed the graphics, and vuala :-D
    village hopper is born :-)

    i also bought myself a new phenomenal lens for my camera, so i was out testing it..

    sooo, this is how its sits now.. dont know if there will be some progress, might put on some 17" wheels, who knows.. i would love to possibly trade it for something older, but the car is so great, it doesnt need service, runs great, got almost no rust anywhere.. it would be hard to trade it for something else :-D

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    Ahhh! Bucket list car... need an E34 in my life.

    What was the problem with your wheels that the police bothered you about? Too much tire stretch?

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    basically everything :-D biggest problem was, that i didnt have them in my registration, but they also told me, that if i put them in, they will take my registration either way, because the tire was too stretched, and wheels were too outside of the car :-D

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