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    1998 jzx100 mark ii
    Up for sale is my 1998 Jzx100 Mark II, selling because I want to take a break from cars. I bought this car at the end of 2015 as a stock/ factory manual car with 146000 km. since then I have completely overhauled the suspension and drive line with quality parts.

    Almost all of the car was refreshed in one way or another, here are its current specs.

    jzx100 mark ii s1 150000km

    1JZ VVTI fully refreshed with
    -Oem F/R Main Seals
    -Oem V/C Gaskets
    -Oem Pilot Bearing
    -Oem Camshaft seals
    -Oem Water pump/timing belt
    -Mishimoto Thermostat
    -Earls Thermostatic sandwich plate/ Mocal 13 row oil cooler
    -CT15B turbo was rebuilt less than 500km ago with a new center -cartrige, Inconel exhaust wheel and new compressor wheel.
    -Aluminum Radiator with silicone hoses
    -3" front mount intercooler
    -De-catted down pipe
    -3" Stainless exhaust with resonator from down pipe back, with 3.5" tip
    -HKS Pod filter

    Transmission/ Differential
    -R154 5Speed Transmission (last gen with the upgraded syncros)
    - New Oem Slave cylinder
    -Os Giken Grand Touring Twin Plate Clutch (Firm Pressure Plate)
    -ARP Flywheel Bolts
    -Stainless Steel Clutch Line
    -Os Giken 2 Way Diff
    -KTS Solid Diff bushings

    Front suspension/Brakes
    -Stance XR1 coilovers
    -Cusco Upper camber arms
    -Kazama SP Angle knuckles
    -Moonface Super lap RCA
    -DMAX Adjustable Tension Rods
    -Spindles shortened 1" from factory for extra clearance
    -FLCA Extended 1" from factory, bushing replaced with SuperPro poly bushings
    -Steering rack bushings replaced with superpro poly bushings
    -AE92 Moog inner Tierods and Moog is300 outer tie rods
    -LS400 Aluminium 4 piston brakes (rebuilt prior to installation)
    Drilled/slotted rotors, upgraded pads and stainless brake lines
    -KTS Front Subframe brace
    -CUSCO Swaybar with New endlinks
    Rear Suspension/Brakes
    -Stance Xr1 Coilovers
    -KTS Tension Rod
    -KTS Toe Rod
    -Oem RUCA with new bushings and ball joints
    -Knuckles have had all bushings/spherical bearings replaced
    -Solid Subframe Bushings
    -Cusco Sway bar with new end links
    -Do luck Floor Brace
    -KTS Diff bushes
    -Oem rear brakes with newer pads and new stainless lines

    - mostly stock but will include a works bell hub and bride seat rail
    -Blitz turbo timer


    CONS- front fenders are a little rough from rubbing at full lock
    -small blemishes in paint
    -car makes and odd squeak when taking off and coming to a stop, I have not investigated further to figure out the cause.
    -OEM Aero is in very rough shape however the Bn sports kit is in awesome shape.

    PRICE $15000.00 USD OBO

    IMG_0266 by blueboy40982 blueboy, on Flickr
    IMG_0264 by blueboy40982 blueboy, on Flickr
    IMG_0267 by blueboy40982 blueboy, on Flickr
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    IMG_0284 by blueboy40982 blueboy, on Flickr
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