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Thread: That "CHOPTOP" - MB W115 / 1975

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    Hi guys.

    It's been a while since I posted here, been busy with fabricatin parts for the Volvo and Mercedes.
    Also got a gig job for another facility so been away for weeks sunday to friday. Next week new week, job is taking too much time from hobbies.

    But now to the point, got the both frame rails for Volvo done and welded, I need to take a full picture from the car now.
    Also sills are now under work, front fenders and hood gapped nearly to the where I wanted them. Not yet picture from that but I will take a full picture of the car when hood, fenders and doors are nearly lined up.
    Now the front subframe is 2mm from the point where it should be, wheelbase is now 2598mm.

    volvo15.jpg volvo18.jpg

    Doors for the Volvo are pretty bad shape, nearly 10cm from the bottom needs re-done. Corners, skin and seal placement are hard to fabricate.
    Takes time pretty much a week for free-time per door. Been looking better ones but hard to find these days.

    Also something for the W108, new door skin. Made by me, pretty happy for the outcome.
    Bottom part where the door seal goes was very interesting to do, but I got it.
    Hardest part was to line up the front section to the fender and back section to the back door because the body line goes 5mm lowering to the front.
    So first I made straight body line and then cutted where needed (approx 35mm front section stood) and tig-welded back on above the door lock section. Drivers side back door is almost ready too, needs trimming and line up to the door frame and then done, next to that to the other side.

    mersu2.jpg mersu3.jpg

    Also we got a new car with Dad. Volvo Amazon 1971, MOT museum. B20A with disc brakes. 205743 original kilometers, two owners before.
    Interior mint, exterior needs re-painting. Cost us nothin.

    We've been doing framework/timber work for Dads army friend and after everything that work he just asked, money or this. Well, wasn't quite hard decision for us.
    I appreciate these kind of people, we didn't even think we get anything back, We just help people who means us something. And those who need help.
    I don't envy anything or anybody, but now I envy my dad. I know I can't have that kind of friends ever in my life. These days its hard to find that kind of friendships. Better days have gone.

    Here's picture of the Volvo.


    Updates again when I get something bigger done. Stay safe guys.

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    oh man, that Amazon is gorgeous. Great work on the panels btw, thats some proper craftmanship!
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    I've decided the best way to deal with rust is to just embrace it.

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