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Thread: 2nd project : my daily/drift/racecar, a 325is E36 '92

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    Cool 2nd project : my daily/drift/racecar, a 325is E36 '92

    Hey guys,

    Some of you might have seen my other build thread, a calypsorot metallic 525i E34, but I'm going to introduce you my other project, a 325is E36 from 1992, M50B25 vanos engine, 192000km, that I try to customize a bit into a stance look, but with daily/drift/race abilities This is not going to be the most slammed E36 of Stanceworks, but I try to do something I can drive fast and I visually like !

    First of all, here is the VIN decoding of the car :

    In Europe, 325is doesn't exist, so the title of the thread is a bit false. In the US, 325is are in fact 325i "Coupé". In Europe, even if they don't really exist, we call 325is a 325i with 318is options, as LSD, green windscreen, sport wheel, sunroof...

    Here are some pictures of the car when I bought it, 2 months ago :

    The paint color is not OEM (it's an E46 color as the precedent owner told me), but it's in good shape, except on the rear arches which have been hardly modified. The M3 interior wasn't in good condition at all, except the front seats. Door cards were dead, as was the rear seats and the headliner... I started to collect the parts I needed, I found 4 coupé door cards from a M3 for 50€, that were in good condition, even if they've been made for the HK sound system I haven't got on the car... I also bought classic black rear seats, which will do the trick until I can find the M3 model for a decent price.

    Coilovers are KW V1, and compared to cheap coilovers I've had on other cars they're really pleasant to drive. I also have front bar with adjustable top mounts, and rear adjustable arms.
    I realized some days after buying the car that the rear axle mounts on the shell had already been repaired, but without any reinforcement plates. As I didn't know if the work was good, I decided to disassemble the whole rear of the car, including the tank, to check everything and solder the M3 plates on the shell. Thanks to a good friend, this operation was sorted out in only a few days.

    As I wasn't a huge fan of the CSL replica wheels, I decided to sell them a good price, and I bought from a friend a staggered set of Brock B1's, 17x8,5 +13 and 17x10 +20, but they were quite in bad condition, as they had about 10 layers of old rattle can paint. They were a real pain in the a** to strip and sandblast... Everything was done by me and two friends, including the sandblast and paint (see below), the aim was to refurbish the Brock into a nice gold finish for the lowest amount of money.

    One of my friend, John, and my girlfriend, also bought me a Rocket Bunny rear wing for my birthday I freakin' love it ! Here are some pictures of the actual setup of the car ! I would like to work a little more on the fitment of the car, tell me what you think and what you'd do !


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    It was car wash day today

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    Looks gorgeous, love it

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    sell me them front seats!
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