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    European Experience is in a week. I know not many people check out this part of this forum but I live in Savannah and if anyone has any questions about anything related to the town, like restaurants, bars, streets to avoid if you want to live, attractions, liquor stores, etc. you can ask me!

    I'm also going to post meets that I see during the week on here, the meets outside the official show were such a great part of SOWO in Helen and not many happened and they weren't very organized last year I'm sure because no one knew Savannah very well, but I'm hoping to help people plan meets and stuff since I know the area.

    Here's the meets I know of so far, feel free to post in this thread if you know of any others. I'll try to keep this updated as much as possible but between a research paper and finishing my car, I've got a busy week leading up to the show.

    I'll update this as anyone hears about more:

    Thursday City Market Showcase

    Thursday Pre-Meet 9pm:

    Friday BMW Meet 7:30pm:

    Saturday Elusive Euros After-Meet 6pm

    Saturday Weekly K-Mart Meet 9pm
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