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Im definitely a fan of the big wang lol was warming to the no wing idea until I seen those recent pics, such a purposeful looking car
I really like it with and without, I just want to switch to a different wing sometime soon or after this year. Mainly not happy with the mounting anymore but it hopefully works well this season.

Nothing exciting coming up really in parts or installs. I do need to do the rear trailing arm bushings which hopefully fixes my issue around turns. Also went with some new 2.5" x 600lb rear springs from eibach. Basically the rear feels like it wants to hop when going around turns with power applied. Ill post some pics during the install if I have time this weekend. Then I need an alignment right away...which I need to call about tomorrow to see if I can get it done next week so I can hit saturdays show. Also a local show down the street from me I might take the car to this weekend.