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Classifieds Section. Rules and Guidelines

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  • Classifieds Section. Rules and Guidelines

    Here are some basic rules that we would like everyone to follow when making threads in the classifieds forums. Hopefully this will make it easy for everyone to buy and sell parts on StanceWorks.

    Post the wheels in the bolt pattern section which they are
    - If the wheels are 5x130, post them in that section, 5x120, post them in the 5x120 section. Very simple.
    - Everyone is well aware that adapters are available. Feel free to list them with the wheels but do not assume that 5x130 wheels adapted to 4x100 should be in the 4x100 section. Your thread will be moved.

    Post Your Information
    - Where you are located. If it doesn't say under your username, you must list it in the thread.
    - Where the part is located (if it's not at the same place you are).
    - Contact info. If you are not very active on StanceWorks, please include your email address or phone number so members that are interesting in what you're selling can get in touch with you.
    - All threads need to have a price listed.
    - Are you willing to ship?

    Post Detailed Information About What You're Selling

    - Year/Make/Model.
    - Accurate mileage.
    - Aftermarket modifications.
    - Any known issues.
    - Condition of both exterior and interior.

    - Every measurement you can (size, width, offset, lip and barrel size, center diameter, etc.).
    - Any imperfections.
    - Remaining tread life.

    - Detailed description.
    - How long it was used for (miles or length of time).
    - Any issues with the product.

    - All for sale threads must include pictures of what is being sold.
    - All four wheels.
    - Interior and exterior of a vehicle.
    - Try to point out any damage to what is being sold in the pictures.
    - Do not post a link to your Instagram, photobucket, etc. account for pictures

    - Please do not post links to your for sale threads on other forums.
    - Please do not post links to your eBay auctions.
    - Please do not post links to your Craigslist listings.

    Wheel Collections
    -If you are selling a wheel collection, group wheel sales of 3 sets or more by lug pattern in a single thread.
    -If you are selling one set of wheels, post them only in the section the wheels apply to. Just because you have adapters doesn't mean you can put them in multiple sections (this means you VW kids).

    Bumping Threads
    - Please do not bump your thread more than once a day.

    WTB Threads
    -Please see this thread for an example of how to properly make one
    WTB: BBQ Sauce
    -Please only make 1 WTB thread in the correct section. WTB ads in any section other than the WTB section will be deleted.

    And most importantly:

    Put effort into your ad
    -take the time to create a good ad. If you don't have time at that moment, wait.

    Not following these rules will have your thread closed and edited. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM. Thanks everyone.
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