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2003 Audi A4 1.8T Daily

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  • 2003 Audi A4 1.8T Daily

    Picked up my new daily driver today, a 2003 Audi A4 1.8T.

    I got rear ended in my MkV Jetta TDI a little while back, and although it only pushed my rear bumper in, the insurance paid nicely. I took what little money I could scrape together and went to look at an '83 Mercedes 240D in New Hampshire, but it was in rougher shape than it said on craigslist... so I went home. On my way home, a friend of mine messaged me asking to buy my TDI. With that sold, I had enough to go looking for a decent daily. I almost got myself into a pristine TT, but the seller wasn't being too accommodating, so then I found myself at a dealer looking at an A4...

    It was a pretty decent deal, so here I am. Theres a few interior things that I need to take care of for my own comfort, but lowering springs have already been ordered. I don't have too many big plans for this car, but wheels and a few exterior accents are on the list. The plan is to make this a functional daily, but still be modified enough that it suits me.

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    So I took the roof rack off that evening, although it suits the 4x4 stance pretty well.

    I also put on a new rear license plate bracket on the back, and super cheap smoked side markers because mine were falling off. I figure that no one needs to see photos of that modification...

    ...anyway I've got Tein S-Tech springs and B5 perches that will be going on in a week or so, along with a skid plate and new fog lights. I'll slowly check off my interior list as parts come in... I got a coin tray from ebay, but one of the tabs is snapped, so I may have to get a brand new one. I also picked up an in dash 6 disc cd changer, but I'm not sure if it's worth the effort to retro fit it, or if I should look at ipod integration anyway. I don't need a ton of music in my daily, and I like how changers become time capsules of your favorite music; I've still got the same 6 discs in my e36 that I put into the car in 2008, but that wasn't meant to be a daily.

    I'm thinking about wheels. It's going to be a driver, so I don't need anything too fancy. I'm thinking some 18" A6 wheels would be a good inexpensive start... I'll save the super stretch for another car. Maybe I'll eventually get some nice wide mercs or maybe a set of 3SDMs some time, but I'm going to try and restrain myself from modifying this car to the point where I can't get out of my speed bumped road every day.

    Exhaust is priority for me, but I'm unsure of what I really want to do. From the youtube videos, it sounds like I want something close to straight pipes, but I can't shell out for a custom exhaust at the moment.

    It's a pretty solid car, only 103k miles, so I may want to have it repainted at some point to get the couple rust spots and dents taken care of, but for the foreseeable future, I'm going to enjoy not worrying about where I park when I'm grocery shopping.


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      Wow, this is really amazing.. Just loved it. Thanks for sharing
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          i miss mine everyday, will be watching this

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            I Just loved this car. I still remember When my dad gifted it to me!

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