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    "It's light," Lin move startled face, suddenly a palm grip immediately: "Yes mysterious stone symbols?" "Hey, this good fortune Wu top of the monument, but only quasi-days are days of order Lingbao just in front of the stone breaks, can not have the slightest qualification arrogant. "small mink also surprised a moment, then laughed. That milky light, shrouded in front of the forest move, suddenly, "that light was actually facing the front somewhere automatic snatched." Character stone monument discovered the location of the soul, with the up! "Upon seeing this, a small nose and quickly said. Moving heart is also a delight, and hurried to keep up that road in front of the light, and with the passing of the light," the kind of fury bar repulsion, it is rapidly dissipated, there is no movement on the rear of the forest obstructing the slightest. So flyby, which lasted several minutes, and that's not far in front of the stars, is suddenly a burst of bright and shiny, sky looper move, a huge light group, slowly moving in the forest under the watchful eye. Groups face huge positive light, vaguely, that the light can be seen among the group, seems to be a huge monument shadow, an ancient vicissitudes of taste, from which exudes out. "This is the soul of good fortune Wu monument monument Why? Actually hiding here." Lin looked curious move this huge light group, since light group, he can feel a clever and there are some ideological . White light, like a fish-like wandering around the light group, although both volume completely different, but whenever it comes wandering milky light, the huge monument would be hastened dodge and shadow are open, askew, seem great fear. "This monument soul consciousness is not strong, is ignorant of the chaos, it touches on the most appropriate communication, kid, and do it." Small mink Road. "Ah." Lin move nodded, looking back as much as possible so that his state of mind becomes calm, "the stature slowly drift" and then touch the palm of your hand gently on the light group, a trace of spiritual power which passed, and that ancient monument soul engaged in primitive communication. Corinthians move in spiritual power,red bottom shoes, did not bring the slightest negative emotions, gentle and quiet, combined with a light stone symbol filled out, the kind of communication, fall and did not imagine the difficulty, therefore, just a few minutes, then the monument Soul "is spread out a light" moving slowly to the forest and into the body wrap. When the body is moving monument Lin soul wrapped his sight again change occurs, the stars disappear, instead, is a nothingness. In front of that nothingness, has an enormous beam stands fiercely, "one kind of like the old constant perpetuation of ancient taste, from the light beam in the distribution of these out. Forest moving eyes looked shocked that nothing stands in the light beam, In that light beam around, with numerous brilliance emerges, it seems people like animals, like the sword Sidao, looks very strange. "martial luck! "Looking at those huge beam of light, moving deep forest inhaled air, and only the good fortune of martial arts, has just such a spectacle, compared with here, previously seen on the outside of those meteor martial, is simply not worth mentioning, there is no comparable! Lin moving eyes, extreme hot swept those are all tyrannical fluctuations Wuxue Guang contains columns, he can feel here just one kind of martial probably better than His strongest moves yet still aggressive! denominational heritage of this ancient "really is not too horrible to imagine. Some burning licked his lips, but Lin did not immediately move back and select martial arts, but moving pace of the light beam of the TV drama slowly walked. Walking in a road ??? column, feel palpitations fluctuate from distributing TV drama out of the forest also become itchy palms moving up "can not wait to move out of all the martial exhaustively here. Huge ??? column stands in nothingness Lin anime step where "With him all the more in-depth beam center, he was found repulsive force that had already disappeared, actually emerged out again at the moment" and that strength, extreme terror "as if it Monument soul deeply moving and do not want to let the general forest. Upon seeing the forest moving eyes flash, slowly raised his palms, suddenly, a mysterious stone in the palm of flesh and blood characters, is rippling out a circle of white light, the light in front of cohesion, as a track, life is torn horrible repulsive! "Da!" With the stone symbol of prestige, that even good luck throughout the strong repulsive forces are helpless, but it is easily resolved by moving the forest, then "take the next step of his feet slowly, while in this step taken when changing in front of brilliance, and then Lin move is seen not far in that nothingness, an enormous black finger stands quietly, that makes the human scalp tingling may fluctuate slowly since then dark macrodactyly circulated and open "even nothingness" are being shaken may send ripples. dark nothingness place, the dark giant finger, quietly stands as devil's fingers, shake heaven and earth, reveals the endless rage and fierce! Lin moving eyes, but also keeping a close eye on this instant the black giant finger, that means huge lines, like a like a prison, imprisoned heaven and earth, every Wen Road, all seemed very mysterious and obscure.