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Fender Rolling party in Kansas City

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  • Fender Rolling party in Kansas City

    Hey guys, I'm posting this thread on multiple forums to get as many people as possible.

    So Ross22davis (from bf.c) and I have decided that we are going to rent a fender roller together and have a little fender rolling party coming up this summer. We have found a few places online that you can rent the roller for ~$50 like here

    or here
    Maybe we can rent it locally, IDK I haven't looked into that yet.

    We figure that if we can get a few people together we can drop the cost for everyone and put our experience and knowledge together to get things done. We haven't yet set up a date because we are still trying to get more people organized, but we would (or could) be doing it at my house in Gardner in my metal shop.
    The building in the background

    Roscoe has also said that he will bring some BBQ and some drinks for anyone that will help out.

    Anyways if anyone is interested let us know so we can get this thing planned and going. Or if anyone has experience in rolling fenders please feel free to join and help us out, it would be much appreciated and we would make it worth your time!


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    Bump. No one interested?


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      I own my own roller. Let me know.
      2002 SVT focus - Supercharged and on Coilovers