View Full Version : New England caravan to BLACK from Boston

07-08-2010, 10:36 AM
I know there aren't very many luxury cars on SW from this area but if your here, or would like to go spectate feel free to come with us.


This is a feeler of sorts for people who aren't planning on leaving until the day of Black. The show roll in is at 10 so this caravan will leave between 515 and 530AM from Boston. If I don't gauge enough interest i'll probably just scrap the idea and cruise out with a smaller group.

I know alot of you don't know me but that doesn't matter. I'd like to see as many people possible show up from Boston to Black as possible and figure if we're gonna go we might as well go as a group so no one gets lost/people have a hand if they run into issues.

Those of you that are familiar with how bad tri-state roads are probably know how important it is that we pick the smoothest/most simple route from Boston to the show. The route I think is best and safest for the cars as well as quickest (in terms of avoiding traffic) would be as follows:

- Meet at South Bay Plaza in Boston (right on 93 for those coming from either N or S Shore)
- Mass Pike to 84 through CT onto the Merritt
- Merritt to 9 down to the GWB and onto 95S in Fort Lee
- 95S to the Garden State Parkway and then follow directions from there

By going this way we avoid going through co-op city where 95 turns to absolute sh*t and avoid the Bronx. I drive the route I listed above often and know for a fact that its the nicest way to go.

Also by sticking to this route people between Boston and NJ can meet us along the route. I know its a bit early for a caravan thread but I wanted to get the ball rolling in hopes of getting a few more people out to the show (some are more likely to go if they know they aren't on there own).

Cliff Notes:
- Leave South Bay Best Buy at 530 on July 17th
- Travel through CT into NJ
- Roll in by 10AM

What to bring/have:
- A full tank of gas
- Coffee/breakfast
- Whatever else you need to be ready to go. The drive is about 4hrs so there isn't much time for error.

* I will have wood planks, a jack, and a Slime Air Compressor kit in case of emergency. If anyone needs one they can use mine.

Updated list as of now (there are more that aren't listed because they aren't 100%):
1) Olek - 525iT_Feen (Have a gti, b7 a6, and few other cars rolling to spectate too)
2) Mike - fatmike
3) Brandon- blkvip
4) Martin - Volkgt7
5) Electro (for those of you who know him) - no clue what hes bringin

Feel free to PM or email me with ideas/suggestions/questions/concerns
- Olek