View Full Version : How much air do I really need?

01-20-2016, 08:12 PM
Hey folks, getting ready to dig into my air ride install on my '86 e30 and I've been trying to figure something out. I figured here would be just as good as anywhere to ask my question. I did search...a lot.

I'm running the full Airlift performance setup with Airlift 3H. Currently have a Viar 380 and just ordered a 4 gallon pancake tank to run in the spare tire well.

Here's my question...I will likely not be playing with my ride height very often especially since I am trying to focus solely on out-performing my current coil-over setup (GC/Koni). So with that in mind, will the Viar 380, 4 gallon tank and 1/4" lines be quick enough to handle the anti cross-loading and axle equalization while on the track without overloading my compressor? Am I overthinking this? I'm also planning on running a dump muffler and an isolator for the compressor since I'm old, grumpy and **** loud things...if that makes a difference at all.

Thanks in advance for your input.