View Full Version : 3P Management and Airline Noob Questions :)

11-18-2015, 04:16 PM
Evening all,

Fist off i am very new to the Air Ride setup, I installed the kit with a few mates over the weekend, everything went fine just have a few questions.

I'm getting an error message which states voltage too low. I'm running a Airlift 3P system with dual 480cc compressors and a 5 gall tank. What should I be setting the lowest voltage required for the compressors to run without draining the battery - or should I be looking to install a secondary battery to support the kit?

Secondly, the kit I was supplied failed to include the step down air adapter from the compressors to the tank (1/4" from compressors to the 3/8" of the tank). Luckily my brother in law works for a Hydraulic hose repair company and supplied me with the fitting, it works, but im getting a small leak (maybe 1psi a min from tank).
What specs do i need the adapter to be, I imagine they will be either American or British measurements, but no idea which way round!

Thank you in advanced, any guides, answers or links are appreciated!