View Full Version : V2 HELP!! Won't communicate.

B 4 You
09-14-2015, 12:38 AM
So my bagged SVX shit its transmission a few weeks ago and has been sitting in the garage until I can find a tranny for it. Found one and started installation yesterday. I went to air the car up without starting it (I have it wired directly to the battery through a switch), and the battery was too dead to allow it. Put in a good battery that was charged, started the car, and now the control module says "AIRLIFT APV2 connecting..." and wont do anything after that. All fuses are good. All connections are secure. I shut off the system and unplugged the manifold, then turned it on and it's displaying the same thing. Plugged back in and still displaying message. So now is my manifold toast? This will be the 2nd time in a year that my APV2 has let me down. Pretty disappointed in it to be honest.

09-14-2015, 08:16 AM
The V2 was not designed to be wired directly to the battery, this could be the problem.

11-18-2015, 07:26 AM
The V2 was not designed to be wired directly to the battery,http://goo.gl/0q2uAN