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05-16-2010, 09:56 PM
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Liberty is celebrating our 1 year anniversary of being an official car club (although it was founded in 2008)

The location is In Midland beach last parking lot along Father Coppodanno Blvd in Staten Island NY

Time: 11am-6pm but you can arrive and leave whenever

We threw the first ever Liberty meet last year at this same parking lot and we had a huge turnout of 50-60 cars with just 2 weeks notice. Hopefully this year, we can see more people and vip styled cars out. You are not asked to bring anything but we won't turn down any help.

1. WidebodyQ
2. Bonafyd
3. excluesiveonez
4. Philly
5. LiCelsior
6. NYSC430
7. Chopstar02
8. Cro0klyn718
9. myis300
10. Big TY
11. MrG4Life
12. VolkGT7
13. Aristosan
14. Qfour5
15. Racersky
16. Rodney
17. 808GS
18. Lextronics
19. Maxpowerintegra
20. Don
21. 1slammedgs
22. Schnitz
23. LudeNsoL
24. Fatmike
25. simpl cb7
26. IXI187IXI
27. SNiiP3R
28. uaaction
29. Forte EXE
31. iisittinlowii
32. Sash
33. neojungle1
34. chilltown_tsx
35. Li Ls4
36. 6-A-TL-G
37. mr3gs300

I will tell you right now, there will be a handful of new car debuts at this meet. It should be a lot of fun. Come out and meet the crew.

*You dont need a VIP styled car to come and hang out. We have lots of love for anything slammed with nice fitting wheels. Come and hang out :alright

05-17-2010, 03:44 PM
List has been updated

simple g50
05-17-2010, 09:29 PM