View Full Version : 1998 E36 touring Heaters yet again !!

11-15-2014, 05:55 AM

I think there are two faults here, recently purchased my E36 Touring and hardly drive it due to having a company van but with the weather and using it over the weekends I have noticed that the heaters - a) only seem to get hot when the cars revs are picked up... I am going to attempt to bleed the system/look for leaks/check the water pump although the pump looks as though it has recently been replaced b) heat is only coming out warm on the passenger side of the car. For reference the heater pipes to the heater valves seem hot but not the heater pipes going through the bulk head, these being only luke warm.

My questions are - am I right in thinking that the heater valves could be the cause of problem b? is there any way of testing them? and is there anything else I should look out for?

Cheers for your help in advance,