View Full Version : swapping a lower ks 22re into my toyota corona

04-21-2014, 07:11 AM
So I have had an 86 toyota corona 2.4l 22R-E auto with 214,xxxks for about 5 months and I found an 85 model with front end damage (chassis rooted motor and box is fine) its got 99,856kms on it and is a five speed manual.

The plan is to swap motor and box from the wreck into my auto corona and im looking to get any available advice.

Basically I am wanting to know how difficult this process may be, being the exact same motor i cant imagine it being extremely difficult but from the little knowledge I have, it seems that any engine swap is a real c*nt of a job.

One of my major concerns is that the 85 has a solid axle and my 86 has irs, some people are telling me that to run the manual to the irs ill need a tail shaft from a car that was already manual to irs, but some are saying that either tail shaft from the two cars i have should be compatible, help would be appreciated :confused

Also if anyone knows if the tunnel on an auto chassis is smaller than the one from a manual chassis that would be great help, it looks to be the same size havent had the time to actually sus it out since i bought the wrecked 85 rona.