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02-05-2014, 08:39 PM
Friday night, I was driving around on some backroads. Stoned out of my mind. I live in michigan, was on a road with snow drift over half of it. Got stuck, I sat there for 30 mins waiting for a friend to tow me out. After that, I drove to taco bell. Stayed there for 20 mins, went out to the car and it wouldn't start. I said "fuck it" and left it there for 2 days. Came back 2 days later, and i found out that my subwoofer cable had melted, and insulated my ground. I removed the cable, wirebrushed the ground, and it got spark. Since I live in michigan, my car sat in -10f weather for around 48 hours with little to no gas in it. I started it up, limped to a gas station where i then filled her up. After the gas station, I limped her home. The car feels like it has no power what soever, but isn't misfiring. It sat in my garage (around 30-40f) for a day, which i then limped it to my uncles heated garage. I bought a bottle of "heet", and let the car idle for 20 mins to circulate. Parked the car in the heated garage (55f) for 48 hours, praying my gas lines would thaw. Went to check it out today, still feels like it is starving on fuel. What should I do?


Car is a 1998 a6 30v 2.8 with autotragic transmission

-gas lines are likely frozen
-sat in a 55f garage with a bottle of heet, and a full tank of gas for 48h, still starving on fuel
-hardly any power when touching accelerator. no misfires.

Suggestions? Thanks.