View Full Version : e-Level not turning compressor on

Oh Damn, it's Sam
12-20-2013, 02:05 PM
Hey all. My e-Level system is no longer kicking my compressor on. The e-Level control unit is getting power and getting 12V switched. Fuses are good, grounds are good, and the relay checks okay. I can jumper the relay from the battery and the compressor kicks right on. It looks like the e-Level control unit is not powering the yellow wire that runs to the compressor relay.

Thoughts? Thanks!

EDIT: AccuAir got back to me REALLY fast, and it looks like I have a failed pressure sensor. For the reference of others, the test they had me do was the following:

With the car turned on, meter the red wire at the pressure switch against ground. It should read 5VDC.
Then, with zero pressure in the system, meter the green wire against ground. It should read 0.5VDC.

In my case, the green wire at the pressure sensor was reading 4.33VDC at 0 PSI, meaning the switch had failed. Matt, I believe it was, recommended that I reorient my pressure switch so that condensation cannot collect in it, which I'll be doing ASAP.

Much praise for AccuAir's customer service. The guy I talked to on the phone was extremely knowledgeable and walked me through diagnosing the system. I'm as impressed with their customer service as I am with the quality of their products.