View Full Version : V2 Making up its own numbers.

10-30-2013, 09:19 PM
So I have a video to help demonstrate my issue.
As is known by a few owners of v2, you need to first air up higher than your ride preset, and then drop back down to your ride height. I was told you can adjust the system to have it over shoot the psi it initially sends in, but for some reason it only does it on the front. It will go up to 100 and then drop down to 60. In the rear, it will go up to 80 and drop back to 70. Unfortunately the difference between 80 and 100 when coming from 0 is abut 1.5 inches, but 0-80 will raise me about .5 inches. It sucks.
Anyways, a new issue slowly crept in, when I air down to 70 the numbers on the machine will slowly rise back up both while adjusting psi, and while driving. This increase on the guage doesn't actually affect my ride height. It just goes to numbers it thinks are appropriate. Here's a video demonstrating.

(only need first 20 seconds of video, apparently my trim didn't work)
Anyways, around 10 seconds you can see the numbers creep slowly back to up 76 after reaching their goal of 70, and then the system will drop 6psi out again. Sometimes it will do this 3 times, and then my ride height is much lower than intended. After a 2 minute drive, my numbers will go from 55/60/70/70 to 55/60/75/80 or some random number. All while not adjusting the height.

WTF is wrong with my V2. I've had nothing but issues with this thing. First it has to turn on the compressor when airing up from 0, then it can't hit ride heights without being raised 40+ psi above with 2 different buttons hit, now this

11-15-2013, 03:06 PM
Do you have a Subaru? If so, the numbers changing for the rear are because of your sleeve style bags settling. It's just the nature of the bag design. Your pressure should go up slightly in the rear as you accelerate/ drive around because the load of your car is shifting to the rear.

As for the compressor turning on when you air up. Do you have the ride height on start feature activated? If so turn that off and that will stop the compressors from running every time you air up from 0psi.

12-15-2013, 04:17 AM
^^^ What Rali said.

Also, of course, over bumps, it's going to read that it's more pressure than your preset. It seems like the pressures on my controller are quite literally always changing. They stay all within about 2-3 PSI range of my presets but it always shows different PSI's while driving depending on where the weight is being distributed. That being said, I don't see why you would have to have the car aired up a lot higher before going to your driving preset. I can have mine aired out at 0 psi all around, press the preset button for my ride height of 40 up front and 55 in the rear and it will go up to about 80 in the rear, and then at the same time the front airs up to 40 it airs the rear down to 55. Did you calibrate the system on a completely flat surface? It could be confused because the calibration wasn't done on a completely flat surface. Also, for the compressor running whenever you air up, it's supposed to do that unless you turn it off. If you use the presets to air up, the compressor will automatically turn on to top the tank off for next time you need it.

Overall, my suggestion would be find as flat of a surface as possible, calibrate the system again, and see if it continues to change pressures so drastically while driving then go from there. Look through the manual for the V2 too to see if there is anything that can help you out there.