View Full Version : e36 engine swap/thoughts...

10-30-2013, 03:49 AM
I have 1994 325is coupe and just recently bent valves on my engine for the second time -_- and instead of repairing it, im thinking of just swapping it for an s52b32 engine (found one for 1500 comolete long block). Now I know my car is obd1 but that s52b32 is obd2 I know I can easily convert it to obd1 since all my obd1 parts can fit on the s52 engine but my main question is would I still be able to pass smog if I pretty much use the bare block and head from the s52 and bolt on my obd1 parts (intake manifold,sensors,vacuum lines,emissions stuff, etc.)
Thanks in advance for any input.

11-01-2013, 01:09 PM
should not be any problem at all.