View Full Version : Looking to buy a Honda engine to build, have a couple of questions.

10-24-2013, 05:48 PM
Hello Engine forum.

So despite being a VW guy (at least for now :P) I'm looking for a project and I really want to try my hand at building an engine. I figured a Honda engine would be a good place to start since they are both a) plentiful and b) relatively cheap. I was just curious about what engine I should be looking for? The only ones I really know of are the k20, h22, b16 and d16 but it's hard to find one near me that isn't either apart or already built for racekors. If those really are the 4 most decent engines, which one should I go for? I was thinking h22 because there's no replacement for displacement but at the same time I've heard d16 single cams are pretty fun little engines too. Anyone have any suggestions? I don't really have a plan but to build an engine right now. Maybe buy a shell, maybe sell it to a Honda owner, maybe put in my Jetta just to piss people off, the end game is wide open. At the moment I'm just looking to gain knowledge through doing.

Cheers. :)

10-25-2013, 01:22 PM
no power to be had from a single cam D-series without forced induction, look into a B series, b16a, b16b, b18a, b18b, b18c1, b18c5 etc.

10-28-2013, 02:50 PM
I've dabbled in hondas on and off for 10 years, and i would say they are some of the simplest engines to work on in most capacities. The only specialty tools i've had to buy have been a crank pulley holder and a valve adjustment wrench.

as for which engine you would want to wrench on, i think that really depends on what your looking to get out of it. do you want to boost it? go NA? just do a stock rebuild?

If you want to see what kind of power numbers you can get from boosting i'd recommend either any d-series (d16z6 /y8 being my recommendation since they have sohc vtec) or a non-vtec b-series (b18b or b20b )

if your going for something N/A then i'd go with a b18c1 / c5 (185-200hp stock with 8500rpm + redline) or even b16a2 (168hp with 8200 rpm readline). I prefer the a vtec b-series since blocks and parts are relatively easy to find and put out decent N/A numbers. i got a full b16a2 swap for a little over 1g with a new clutch (thanks to local car forums and Kijiji )

One thing to keep in mind for honda tuning options is that e-management is relatively inexpensive mattering on engine application. I personally use a chipped P28 ecu (obd1) and run Chrome tuning software which is free. Hondata can also be had for cheap too. The fact that these engines are MAP and not MAF based metering makes tuning a lot easier.

if you have deeper pockets then the k-series is probably the way to go, bigger displacement (2L - 2.4L) with better low end torque. but expect to spend atleast $2500 for an entry level set up with out e-management.

F/H -series : F-series and H-series share a lot of common parts which make for lots of possible frankenstein combinations (ie F-series block with an h-series dohc vtec head), honda-tech is a good place to start reading about these builds among other honda builds. I have never personally played with the H/F-series motors but they have great potential and good N/A power/torque numbers. check out bisimoto's fastest N/A SOHC build on honda-tech if your curious what i mean.

If your just wanting to rebuild an engine (or pull it apart and reassemble) then any cheaper honda engine will probably do. i'd look at an H22A4 block since its got strong power and torque numbers stock

That's my 2 cents on honda's