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06-27-2013, 07:30 AM
Hi all,

I'm new hear and am building up my Ras6, its not a full build like I'm used to but it's pretty comprehensive considering the car.

I will/have the following:

- Uograded injectors with 880cc
- Fuel Pump Upgrade (help needed)
- Upgraded turbos (in process of choosing)
- Upgraded intercoolers (looking for options)
- Transmisisn upgrades
- Eninge/Trans cooler upgrades.

The points I need he'll with are as follows:

- Transmission: Ihave upgraded the valve body and Convertor and need to find a tuner who can modify the tip map to bring the shift speed and firmness up as much a s possible when in tip or s mode. If you know of any tuners who can do this please let me know!

- Fuel Pump Upgrade: I need to work out the fuel pump(s) needed to support E85 for horsepower upto 700bhp with boost being set at 1.8bar max!. At the moment I just need to know the flow in l/ph the fuel pumps need to flow for 700bhp not the max of the injectors.

I'm also keen to know more about all the upgraded parts FMU have for this car?

600whp s4
06-29-2013, 12:46 AM
do a 01E 6 speed swap auto is junk

06-29-2013, 12:57 AM
Sorry its nor an option atm.

The tip has been rebuilt with upgraded clutches packs, converter has been modified for faster and firmer lock ups and the valvle body has been modified for more pressure/flow to allow shift speed time and duration being drastically reduced with nice firm shifts.

Hope ppl can still provide input, information and ideas.