View Full Version : WTB: (2x) 205-50-15 Tires

05-13-2013, 11:06 AM
Like the title states, I am looking to buy 2 205-50-15 tires. Preferably new, but I am looking for a cheap quick sale. I am located in eastern Pennsylvania, and may be willing to drive a small distance to meet up. Not too picky on brands, but a few cheap brands that may be of extra interest would be:

-Falken 512 (Even though they are discontinued)
-Falken 912
-Dunlop Direzza DZ101
-Achilles ATR Sport
-Toyo T1r

These are just a few of the preferred brands, however I will accept offers for other sizes. Not really looking to get them shipped because I am looking for a cheap and quick sale, but if the price is there I wont be able to say no. So basically I am looking for any relatively cheap tire that stretches good. Feel free to post offers here, or shoot me a PM, and we can discuss things.