View Full Version : Fairfield County CT

02-11-2010, 10:59 PM
What's up tristate, me and a few friends from Fairfield County, have a small club that we are always looking to expand, we have weekly meets (yeah even in the winter), in various locations in Fairfield County, so far we have about 15 members. And we always are looking to get more. So if you want in or you just wanna go for a cruise, hit me up:eyebrows

02-12-2010, 09:24 AM
tristate? this is new england homie

02-12-2010, 09:44 AM
lol, I think fairfield county is pretty close to the NY border or something

02-12-2010, 09:45 AM
Lol I know but I figured since it's a Fairfield county post which is part of the tristate I figured I would open with whatup tristate.