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11-20-2012, 07:39 AM
Iron out is our spray on contamination remover designed for use on paintwork to remove iron contamination. Prior to the claying stage these can dramatically reduce the claying stages and the amount of contamination still present by that stage. When used prior to claying it also helps reduce the risk of marring as it removes the harshest and most abrasive contaminants without agitation, with its main active ingredient braking them down prior to this stage. But it also doubles up as a very effective deep cleaner for your wheels:


When applied the product will react with the contamination and break dust within seconds. The advantage this product has over some similar products on the market is its gel like viscosity, aiding it to cling and dwell for longer periods, making it more effective, reducing the amount used (rather than it running off the surface on to the ground) and aiding application on tricky designs. Iron Out is also safe on all types of wheel from painted (like in the pictures) to chrome, anodised and polished finishes (although we always recommend testing in any case before proceeding with the full wheel, to check compatibility with your wheels individual finish)



Once left for around 2-5 minutes to fully dwell, simply rinse with pressure washer:


This should give results similar to this:


Then followed by going over with a brush and shampoo to get in all the tight areas leaving the following result:


We hope this thread has been informative and possibly inspired you to detail your own car, if you have any questions or comments on the product or process in this showcase please feel free to ask, and if you have some results of your own to show with Iron Out please feel free to join in and post them up in this thread.