View Full Version : Cruise to the Castle: Presented by Crescent Fresh (Connecticut)

09-18-2012, 11:24 PM
Hey everyone,

My name's Matt, I drive the slammed black Focus in SE CT. I'm a part of a small car club based around these parts called Crescent Fresh. We try to get our friends together and plan a cruise, photoshoot, or get-together every once in a while; and this time we'd like to extend our invitation to anyone who'd like to join us! Here's the scoop:

We'll be meeting, as usual, on the top of the Indian Summer Garage at Mohegan Sun. We'll discuss lunch options as the time comes nearer, but we'll most likely wind up eating at Johnny Rocket's unless someone can come up with a better suggestion. From there, we'll hit the road toward Gillette Castle. Look forward to some great fall scenery, awesome locations, and a chance to check out one of the coolest parks and attractions here in the Nutmeg State!

For the TL: DR crowd...

What: Food and cruise meet in SE CT. All type of cars, trucks, etc. are welcome. There will be photographers.
When: Saturday, October 13th Tetative time of 10-11 am.
Where: Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT (Indian Summer Garage) ----> Gillette Castle, East Haddam, CT

We expect almost all of the CT meet usual suspects to be there; as most of us are in Crescent Fresh.