View Full Version : MaydayGarage x Baker Tuning Presents The Official Wek'Fest Pre-Meet Saturday 9/17/11

09-11-2011, 11:12 PM

MaydayGarage and Baker Tuning are proud to present the official Pre-Meet for Wek'Fest this Saturday, the 17th at Baker Nissan!

Baker Nissan was generous enough to allow us to use their enormous facility to host our meet there. You'll get a chance to check out some of the Baker Tuning cars as well as check out their huge shop. Food, music and free WekSos swag, and a chance to meet up with your fellow showgoers. Chicago had the same thing with Canibeat and Fizz Autosports for their Pre Meet, and now it's our turn to show them how it's done. If you can't make the actual Wek'Fest Show in Ft. Worth on 10/15, you can at least attend this free meet right here in Houston.

Wash up those rides because you know we are going to take a butt ton of photos while we're out there, and you know it's going to be posted all over the interwebz.

For those of you who couldn't come to our private meet, here's your chance to strut your stuff, so bring that shit. :datass: