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10-07-2009, 02:06 PM
Posting this up here because i know alot of people are in the south. It is a honda-tach meet but there will be other cars. but there will also be alot of stupid clean hondas. anyone is welcome, and its free. there will also be a hotel party after for whoever is interested.

October 17th. (SATURDAY) 11 am

At Spec Clutch warehouse!

All Imports invited!

We would love if every member on honda tach would come. S3 Magazine will
be there, Hybrid-racing will be there, and crew's from TN, GA, and AL will be there as well. There is going to be 30 reserved spots for cars that are worthy to be there. And if you see a car that isnt worthy to be in one of those spots but is, well let it be lol.

Spec has let us used their facility and will open one of their buildings for us as well. Now lets not ruin this opportunity to meet in a place where we wont get thrown out by cops. Lets keep it chill, no RICER BURN OUTS, no burn outs, No and no speeding. If you make trash pick it up.

This meet would help ALABAMA raise the bar by its attendance. If your from any other state besides alabama dont worry, there will be a VIP Party the night before at some hotel...i have not planned this yet, since I have been planning the meet.... but if your on honda tach ur invited. If your bringing someone who is not on honda tach, just make sure he's not a retard (you know what I mean), and if its a she, make sure she's hott.
PGK better come. No excuses :)awwawwawwaww

S.P.E.C., Inc.
2490 Five Star Parkway Bessemer, Alabama 35022

Also thanks to JDMHEAD we got half off entering fee at BAMA drag way check the other thread for that!