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11-10-2010, 01:35 PM
We are pleased to present..

DUBRUN (http://www.dubrun.com)FIXX 2010!!



This year you will have the choice to choose whether you want a black or white shirt! To clarify this to us, when you put in your vehicle information, make sure you specify the color by putting it after the car info in a parenthesis. Example: 2001 b5 S4 (White)

Departure point is off of I75 and Griffin so it is easy for both Dade and Broward guys to meet. Parking lot has a gas station to gas up and a Mcdonalds for a quick bite. Time of meeting is set for 7:30 am.


After the event it has been a long tradition to continue the fun and travel up a little north to stay at The Ramada Westshore hotel, for those who would like to stay with the DubRun (http://www.dubrun.com) group for the rest of the weekend are welcome to do so.


Every year has been a great turn out and tons of fun, lets make this year nothing short of that!

You will be able to register for this event with us at: DUBRUN.COM (http://www.dubrun.com) - Brought to you by Dubbers,inc (http://www.dubbersinc.com)

This is going to be awesome guys, those that have come along before know what i mean. There will be photography and filming for the next Di video. (http://vimeo.com/15286120)

If you register on www.DUBRUN.com (http://www.dubrun.com) and don't see your name automatically appear don't worry, the list is updated every night. Give it 24 hours till it appears, or contact me.

For those who rather pay in person through cash we meet every Tuesday at the Dubbers,inc (http://www.dubbersinc.com) meet spot at 9:00pm, address is 10680 NW 19th Street Miami, FL 33172. We will be there this and every Tuesday, you can ask for Hector, Nahuel, or myself and we will take down all your information. If you are not able to make it out but still rather pay in cash, PM me and i will set a time and place to meet you to gather your information. If you have a passenger who would like a shirt too it will be $15, just notify us when registering and we will take their information as well as shirt size and color.

Don't miss out on this DubRun! (http://www.dubrun.com)

Please keep in mind, last day of registration is Nov 16!

11-14-2010, 10:12 AM
Please remember this isnt a vw/audi event. This is for all the euro cars, you dont want to miss this!!

11-16-2010, 11:16 AM
In order to hand out shirts and car vinyls, we will be meeting in the parking lot on the west side of I75 off of Griffin at 7:00am.

Please do not be late!