View Full Version : 2nd Topic on same page, different issue

11-07-2010, 11:10 PM
Ok, hopefully someone can diagnostic this shenanigan.

My controller took a shit and I got my new one this passed Tuesday. Last night coming home I noticed that my controller was reading weird PSIs, it went from being at 160psi and then QUICKLY went down to about 140 which turned my compressor on. At first I thought, "Wtf leak" but then as the compressor was filling my tank up again, I noticed that the PSI starting going down once again, BUT THE PLOT THICKENS!!! Then it rapidly goes from 140 psi and shoots straight up to 175-185 and my compressor shuts off. For some reason it stabilizes for a while after that, which goes against my leak theory.

Could it be the controller that is messed up? Or could it be something else?

thanks for any help fellas.