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09-02-2009, 02:21 PM
WHEN:September 12th, 2009


Re:vision Auto Salon
801 E. Gude Dr
Rockville MD 20850

Time For round two already. Last turnout was great, I know there was a lot of confusion around what date the BBQ was and many people planned to come on the 12th. A bit of short notice but I want to do at least a few more before the cold anyway.

We will provide hotdogs and hamburgers and drinks again but I will also have an "Open Grille" which means if you would like to bring something for everyone or yourself we will grille it up as well.

Also we have a susprise for those that make it out :woot:


We will fill up our lot first but because of our tow trucks we dont have a huge amount of room so we will have parking directly across the street as well. Signs will be in place to help you.

800 E. Gude Dr
Rockville MD 20850

BTW I counting on you guys to help me show people whats really good with some proper stance