Who Should Sign A Business Associate Agreement

-October 15, 2021-

Who Should Sign A Business Associate Agreement

Mike Burroughs

Once you and your business partner have signed the BAA, the signature is valid until there is a significant change to the SLA that requires a change to the BAA. Make sure that you and your BA sign and date the BAA and document your assessments. A software company that hosts the software with patient information on its own server or accesses the patient information when troubleshooting the software feature is a business partner of a covered entity. In these examples, a covered company would have to enter into a business partnership agreement before it could grant the software company access to [PHI]. However, if an employee of a contractor, such as .B. a software or information technology provider whose principal place of business is located in a covered entity, the entity concerned may treat the supplier`s employee as a member of the workforce of the covered entity rather than as a business partner. . . .

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