Cbm Collective Agreement

-September 13, 2021-

Cbm Collective Agreement

Mike Burroughs

Sections 8(a)(5) and 8(b)(3) of the NLRA define failure to conduct collective bargaining as unfair labor practices (29 U.S.C.A. § 158[a][5], [b][3]). The aggrieved party may file a complaint of unfair labour practices with the LNRB, which has the power to prevent or stop the practice of unfair labour practices (Article 160). CBM will participate in the AWID forum to ensure that the issues facing women with disabilities are articulated. It is generally accepted that women with disabilities are under-represented in both the disability movement and the feminist/gender movement. AWID provides a unique opportunity for women with disabilities to bring together their representative organizations and organizations that have involved gender and disability in their work to promote a feminist movement that encompasses more disabilities. During the 4 days of the event, CBM will support a delegation of women with disabilities from Madagascar, Nepal, Peru, Lebanon, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Nigeria, led by Mary Keogh, CBM Senior Advisor on Accountability and Gender Equality. Our delegation will highlight the importance of gender equality for women with disabilities and discuss barriers and opportunities for women with disabilities to actively participate in development. In addition, CBM will co-host a panel entitled "Building the collective power of women with disabilities - experiences shared from Nepal, Peru, Lebanon and East Africa". On this panel, CBM will present a video of the contributions of many women with disabilities, filmed in a number of regions.

Maegan Shanks, the Inclusive Development Learning Coordinator, will represent CBM in another panel called the Young Feminist Hub, where she will highlight the importance of intersectionality. In Fibreboard, the Supreme Court held that, based on its three-part analysis, an employer`s decision to allocate part of its business to subcontractors was a mandatory subject of negotiation. First, subcontracting is within the literal meaning of the NRA`s term "terms and conditions of employment." Second, the finding that subcontracting is a subject of mandatory bargaining has the effect of achieving the objectives of the NRA by bringing "a problem of vital interest to labour and management within the framework defined by Congress as the most favourable to peace at work", namely collective bargaining . . .

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