Working Time Agreement Scotland

-April 15, 2021-

Working Time Agreement Scotland

Mike Burroughs

Once the negotiations are over, they will be signed, as agreed by the Re and the Director. The agreement is now mandatory for all employees. Teachers` schedules and assignments are negotiated at the national level and are part of the agreed terms of service for teachers (part 2 of Schedule 2.7 of the SNCT). For most teachers, preparation and correction are the longest activity outside of the teaching contact time. This should be reflected in the way a teacher`s working time is used. As for the remaining time, teachers will be available during the 35 hours for meetings and other collective activities. If a teacher is not required to be in the school grounds for specific tasks, such as. B that preparation and correction, these can be done at a time and on the place at the teacher`s choice. Teachers are expected to inform the supervisor of their intentions in this area. Each educational institution establishes an annual program of action that requires the participation of teachers. The use of the remaining time (i.e.

the time spent by the combined class contact and the preparation/correction allowance - about 190 hours) is agreed at the school level and includes a number of activities, for example. B: the individual and collective work of teachers should be able to be carried out within 35 hours. A Working Time Agreement (WTA) is a collective agreement that is concluded at the school level between the union (s) and the principal. It is felt that some periods of collegiality have already been devoted to planning, preparation and additional meetings, so it would be wise to develop the remaining time on a pro-rata basis. Unions advise a maximum of 5 hours per week; Everything you need to know about working time agreements can be found in the following document. Year of work and work week (SNCT 2 section 3) THE WTA 2020-21 is very different from previous years and is an attempt to allow schools to plan for the exceptional circumstances surrounding the persistent response to the coronavirus crisis. When sending them to principals, KEK stressed that, as always, the LA office willingly helps them with advice and actions.

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