Tenancy Agreement No Pets Clause

-April 12, 2021-

Tenancy Agreement No Pets Clause

Mike Burroughs

Thank you John and tenant, well for having both points of view. I worry less about their personal pets and I probably would have agreed to have them stay with them, but..... they recently came back with their rents, which led me to consult them on Facebook, because they did not respond to calls/texts or emails from agents who were chasing the late rent, so I kind of made myself what happened to these people (we live abroad, so they can`t just pass, etc.). In fact, I had to email them myself and threaten that we would serve section 21 if they did not respond within 24 hours with respect to rent arrears. Their fixed term expired in February and they now have a periodic (monthly) contract. You have responded to this ultimatum, but you refuse to accept a payment plan that I have developed and, instead, you have simply "said" to me when you are going to repay the money - should it be a negotiation? In view of all these years of life, I know the answer is to serve Section 21, but the anger of finding new tenants makes me hesitant and I feel bad about chasing them. I don`t have pets and none of my friends have pets. And the house we live in also has no pet policy. My tenant does not have a pet directive for the lease. A few months ago) more than 5-6 months ago, we had seen a dog and talked to them.

This time, they told us that they were looking after a friend, and we told them they could not do that, because the policy does not allow pets. Yesterday, while visiting the premises, I heard and saw a large husky dog there the same. The tenant at a lower level told us that they always had it since it was a puppy. We warned them and asked for it, but they did not respond. Today I went to talk to them and at first they did not open the door, but the dog came down and barked like crazy at the door, then they sent the son. When I questioned him, he said it was their friends and that they cared about what a lie is, as they have done since a puppy. I asked the son about the dog and he repeated the same story about friend. So I told him that we had already said that no one`s pet could be warned, because we have a no fart policy on the lease. After I get home, the mother sends to my husband (she never bothered when he got a message yesterday) and tells me I can`t walk and talk about the dog. They are her friends, and she is from the country, and they take care of them and cannot let him die. All this is a lie, since the dog belongs to them. What are my options in this situation of Covid 19? They are also behind on their rent, but that is not a problem, and we will work with them.

But we want to get the dog out. When your tenant`s temporary tenancy period has expired, you may be able to use a Section 21 notice to evacuate. However, remember that there are plans by the government to end these imperfect evictions during the current parliament. Really the owners are losing extremely good tenants with their little thought about pets. Looking for some advice and information. My partner and I decided to buy a pet, but before that we asked our owner for permission (the contract declared no pets). He was told that it was a ferret and that he would live in a cage that would be provided to him. The owner agreed, we asked him again and again when he wanted the agency to know that he agreed with the change, Bu he said he was calling and everything is fine. A week ago, the owner came in and saw the ferret sleeping in the cage. We asked him again if he was okay with the pet, he said, "Yes, no worries." Today I woke up with a letter from the agency that gives me 2 weeks notice to get rid of the pet.

Is there anything I can do ??? This bloody owner went to the agency behind our back and claimed to be in good standing with the pet when he didn`t really... I would like him to tell me that before I buy the animal. Cepen

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