Apartment Owners Association Agreement

-April 7, 2021-

Apartment Owners Association Agreement

Mike Burroughs

wants to know about the monthly maintenance that must be collected by each owner of the apartment. to also collect the great conservation of buildings towards the reduction of funds. It is distributed on the basis of the same. xii) Locks internal crossings, including the entrances of their goods, for purposes other than trespassing or exiting their respective dwellings. c) The Treasurer holds accounts on the collection of the cost of maintenance by homeowners, as well as on other amounts authorized by the board of directors or the general body. Housing which, if omitted, concerns the building entirely, or in part apartmentadda.com/blog/2012/01/10/guide-to-maintenance-charge-calculation-in-apartments/ (ii) A member bears all costs with other homeowners for the maintenance and maintenance of public spaces and facilities, in accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors. to the association with a transfer fee of Rs. x per sft of the living space and 4) Each owner/member may transfer his unit to another only by sale or gift, after receiving a "No Objection Certificate" from the management committee. This person is against the payment of 1.5% of the amount due against the recorded sale of at least 5,000 Rs. Member of the association and of which each member is transferred or shared with the ownership of his property i) All sums estimated by the association, but not paid by the member, for the share of the common costs to be paid for each dwelling, establishes a tax for this dwelling and has priority over all other costs, except the following: g) the association promotes and aspires to peaceful cohabitation between all members of the association. iii) The management and administration of the association are the responsibility of the management committee, which is the last power for all decisions relating to the management and administration of the association.

However, the management committee is subject to the control of the general body and the general body, which is the supreme authority of the association, has the power to annul, revoke or annul any decision of the management committee.

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