Agreement State Nrc

-April 7, 2021-

Agreement State Nrc

Mike Burroughs

NRC`s policy statement, "Criteria for Guidance of States and NRC in Discontinuance of NRC Regulatory Authority and Assumption of These States Through Agreement" (46 FR 7540, 23 January 1981, in the drafting of political statements published on 46 FR 36969, 16 July 1981 and 48 FR 33376, 21 July 1983), describes the necessary content of these documents. The NRC reviews the application and publishes an opinion on the proposed agreement in the federal registry to provide an opportunity for public comment. When nrc, after reviewing public notices, finds that the proposed state program for the protection of public health and safety is appropriate and consistent with the NRC regulatory program, the Governor and the NRC Chair sign the agreement. RNC Member States and agreements will work together to develop new regulations and revised policies. The agreements will be involved in a timely and substantial manner in the development of regulations related to the protection of public health and safety, as well as policies and guidelines that affect the management of the State Agreement program. NRAs and States Parties will keep each other informed of their individual regulatory requirements (for example. B regulations, mandates or licensing conditions) and the effectiveness of these regulatory requirements, so that everyone has the opportunity to use proven regulatory approaches to improve the efficient and efficient use of resources. In order to avoid conflicts, duplication, deficiencies or other conditions that would compromise an orderly model of regulation of contract equipment on a national basis, States Parties should inform the NRC of proposed regulatory changes and substantial changes to regulatory programs, policies and guidelines, and allow them to review and comment on them. 1. Subsection 274b of the AEA authorizes NRC to enter into an agreement whereby the NRC ceases and the state assumes the power to regulate some or all of these materials. The material over which the state obtains regulatory authority under such an agreement is called "contractual material." NRC assistance to states that enter into agreements includes review of requests for state 274b agreements or amendments to 274b agreements, meetings with states for discussion and settlement of NRC review submissions, and recommendations for Commission approval of proposed 274b agreements.

In addition, NRC organizes training and workshops; Assesses technical issues related to State Party licensing and inspections; assesses changes to the state rule Participates in the Activities of the Conference of Directors of the Radiation Control Program, Inc.; and provides rapid and substantial state participation in regulation and other regulatory efforts. Nrc also coordinates with contracting states the disclosure of event information and responses to allegations that have been notified to RNCs with the participation of contracting states. NRC supports states that have expressed interest in implementing NRC regulatory authority support programs in accordance with the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 as amended. Section 274 of the Act provides a legal basis on which NRC cedes part of its regulatory authority to states in order to license and regulate by-products (radioisotopes); raw materials (uranium and thorium); and certain quantities of special nuclear materials.

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