Us Imagina Plea Agreement

-December 19, 2020-

Us Imagina Plea Agreement

Mike Burroughs

Many football officials and officials who paid or received the bribes described in the information, and their intermediaries, have already pleaded guilty to participating in these bribery programs, including Roger Huguet, Fabio Tordin, Miguel Trujillo, Jeffrey Webb, Costas Takkas, Alfredo Hawit, Rafael Callejas, Brayan Jiménez, Héctor Trujillo and Eduardo Li. Reynaldo Vasquez of the Salvadoran Football Federation has been charged with corruption under the programme, but has not yet appeared. Traffic USA also pleaded guilty. Prosecutors and the company agreed on an agreement that the US arm of the European media group agreed to plead guilty to two counts of conspiracy to commit fraud over the course of the wire. When the deal was announced, the parent company said the U.S. arm, formerly known as MediaWorld, was "not an active sponsor." Imagina said it would pay nearly $12.9 million in fines, return $6.65 million to the football federations involved and lose $5.3 million in fraud-related winnings, but would not pay any additional fees. In December 2015, the DOJ said it was investigating guilty pleas by Roger Huguet and Fabio Tordin, former executives of the company`s U.S. subsidiary. The crown also claimed that a former company executive was involved. According to Imagina, the three employees have been dismissed and have not had a role in the company since the investigation was announced. Twenty-four of them pleaded guilty in the United States.

Two were sentenced in court and one was acquitted after a trial revealed endemic criminal activity at the heart of the world`s most popular sport. "Today`s admission of guilt is clear evidence of the IRS Criminal Investigation`s ongoing commitment to eliminating the corruption that has plagued the world of international football," said the IRS-CI Special Agent-in-Charge Rowe. "Working with our Justice Department partners, we will continue to investigate companies that profit from twisting practices using the U.S. financial system." The indictment was filed in 2015 and resulted in guilty pleas by roger Huguet and Fabio Tordin, former Imagina executives. The fine will be paid by the Spanish parent company, which has reached an agreement to avoid prosecution, according to the office of U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue. In announcing the agreement, Imagina reaffirmed its "extensive cooperation" with the DOJ. "Imagina is committed to the highest ethical standards and strictly complying with the laws of all jurisdictions in which it operates," the company said. "Since Imagina became aware of these issues more than two and a half years ago, it has taken important steps to address this isolated misconduct and strengthen and improve compliance and oversight in all of its global business areas." Lucas also said that Roger Huguet, an imaginary director of the United States, reached an agreement in 2012 with sports marketing company Traffic Group to share the cost of a bribe with Jeffrey Webb, then president of CONCACAF, who runs football in North and Central America and the Caribbean.

Lucas filed an admission of guilt on behalf of the company on two counts of wire fraud. Under today`s non-prosecution agreement, Imagina Media took responsibility for its criminal conduct and its subsidiary Imagina US and also assumed responsibility for the failure to conduct an immediate internal investigation after learning of the charges against its agents in the first indictment. Imagina Media took responsibility, among other things, by inciting Imagina US to plead guilty to both counts in the information and by complying with all the terms of Imagina US`s argument with the government, and b) agreed to pay the sentence of 12,883,320 $US imposed on Imagina US as part of its sentence. In light of this liability, the corrective actions taken so far by Imagina Media, including the termination of co-conspirator #1, Roger Huguet and Fabio Tordin, and the hiring of a new CEO, CFO and General Counsel, among others at Imagina US, and

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