Trade Association Membership Agreement

-December 18, 2020-

Trade Association Membership Agreement

Mike Burroughs

This contract is valid for the duration of your membership. This is the period that begins after you have been informed that your application for membership has been accepted by the AEA and ends with the termination, expiry or termination of your membership in AEA or prior termination of that agreement by the AEA ("Duration"). Unless this agreement is terminated as it indicates, this agreement will remain fully in force and will be renewed each year at the beginning of each fiscal year in which the AEA accepts your application for membership. You are required to pay any expenses due before the effective date of termination, expiry or cancellation. This agreement is suspended with the suspension of your membership in the AEA. The standard affiliation agreement covers the most important elements of the affiliate relationship and has been formulated in such a way as to be easily readable and understandable. Please note that each trading exchange operates a little differently and often dictates different conditions and requirements to state law and individual situations and factors. All questions about your application, membership or this contract must be provided directly to the AEA via the contact page. The duration of the agreement begins from the date the ATA announces that your application for membership has been accepted by the ATA and ends with the date of termination, expiry or termination of your membership in the ATA or a prior termination of that agreement by the ATA ("Duration"). Sign up new members for your online club. Personalize our free club registration form for free. Collect membership dues through 30 euros of payment methods.

It`s easy to manage the contact information and membership levels of new members. These affiliation terms are a legal agreement between you/your organization ("you/you") and the Automotive Executives Assocation (AEA), a full-fledged professional association of Condurre, Inc., which sets the terms of membership. You understand that membership fees, including the right to identify membership, only begin after being informed that your membership application has been accepted, and only as long as you are an active member of the AEA. Membership agreements are the structure and framework of the terms of membership and the rules and rules for negotiating a scholarship. This is the basic business contract used by an exchange company. You must pay the fees, fees and other charges applicable to your membership level, as defined from time to time by AEA. The AEA may set appropriate additional fees or fees to attend meetings or for other membership-related benefits. You cover your own costs and costs of participating in the AEA, such as travel allowance, staff and incidental expenses. A simple way to have a membership registration with these online forms. The name and/or logo are protected by trademark and copyright laws and international trademark and copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and contracts, and contain intellectual property that is exclusively subject to the AEA.

All rights, interests, property rights and intellectual property rights, name and/or logo and all copies are retained by AEA. This agreement is submitted and interpreted under a framework and the legal relationship between the parties is established in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, excluding conflict rules of laws that would cause the application of the laws of another jurisdiction. In the event of a dispute arising from your membership in the ATA and/or these Terms and Conditions, you agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Virginia and that the Circuit Court of Fairfax County, Virginia, is the only exclusive forum for the resolution of such a dispute. You are expressly prohibited from using the name and/or logo for purposes not authorized by this Agreement, including copying the name and/or logo, except for the manufacture of a single copy of the name and/or logo in machine-readable format for backup or archiving purposes.

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