Nteu Telework Agreement Ssa

-December 13, 2020-

Nteu Telework Agreement Ssa

Mike Burroughs

Currently, Social Security employees can work three to four days a week remotely in the Office of Hearing Companies. While NTEU was working to preserve the existing telework program, the Agency sought "flexibility to adapt the program." Management has suggested that there are occasional deliveries when some telecommuting employees, and that for others, officials predicted that their work would be "less sustainable" in the future. "The agency is making changes to telework because the public service is the priority," Mark Hinkle, a spokesman for the SSA, said in an email. "Each Assistant Commissioner was responsible for determining which staff positions were eligible for telework and how many days of authorized telework were allowed." The SSA`s decision to terminate the telework program for company employees was made the day after the Agency`s collective agreement with AFGE expired in 2012. According to a contract article implemented by the Federal Service Impasses Panel and rejected by NTEU, HHS employees can expect them to report their jobs at least four days a week, as well as other severe restrictions on telework. The previous work regime for employees in the rate unit allowed them to work on telework three to four days a week, and NTEU highlighted the Agency`s Inspector General`s findings that the Agency had obtained a reduction in their delay in teleworking to demonstrate the effectiveness of the program. During the negotiations, the NTEU proposed to take into account the telework program with some minor changes for weather and safety considerations. Legal assistants in AFGE`s bargaining unit are allowed to telework one day a week of pay, a change that Rich Couture, senior spokesman for the union`s SSA bargaining units, described as "devastating" for workers who currently work remotely up to three days a week. However, decision-makers in AFGE`s bargaining unit would not see any change in their telework rules, he said. The panel`s decision has no bearing on the SSA`s decisions to terminate a telework "pilot" for approximately 11,000 employees in the Agency`s operations office, he added. His six-year-old "Pilot" telework ends on November 22. But the agency argued that the telework program had resulted in service disruptions and that management wanted these employees to assign less bearable work in the future. "While the current FSIP has been particularly anti-union over the past two years, this decision confirms the fundamental standard that management cannot attempt to modify items that are negotiated properly and legally in a collective agreement, without specific evidence of why they need the changes," said the NTEU National President.

, Tony Reardon, in a statement to Federal News Network. The Social Security administration on Monday announced a series of changes to its telework policy, although details and regulations vary widely within the agency. "We are not aware of any attempt by the SSA to violate the terms of its contract with NTEU, but we remain vigilant in the face of new employment policies that would undermine the telework program," Reardon added. "Frontline`s OHO employees have shown that telework has increased productivity, reduced case residue operators and enabled OHO to exceed all performance targets for fiscal 2019." "The Telework Improvement Act and the Status of Work intend to negotiate the telework program and negotiate with the union any changes to the program. The Agency provided evidence to show that the workload of decision-makers has increased as a result of the success of managing the delay," said Mark A, President of FSIP.

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