North West Gas Development (Woodside) Agreement Amendment Act 2015

-December 13, 2020-

North West Gas Development (Woodside) Agreement Amendment Act 2015

Mike Burroughs

`disintegration contracts`, priority gas sales and purchase agreements, concluded by each Domgas joint venture as a seller and by several alternative buyers as buyers, which vary from one time to the next and which have been concluded as in the case of the disintegration agreements (up to 12 years) concluded by each Domgas joint venture with: the North West Shelf (Woodside) and the Railway and Port (The Pilbara Pt Infrastructurey Ltd) , recent examples of agreements in which local content obligations have been inserted. The last state agreement to be amended by Parliament, the Northwest Gas Agreement, was 40 years old when it was amended in 2019. The main objective of this amendment was to extend the duration of the agreement so that operations could continue until 2071. However, the VA government took this opportunity to impose new obligations on the company by inserting clauses in "modern state agreements" requiring the implementation of local development plans and local participation in the project. Despite these broadly supportive views, the passage of state-agreement bills over the past decade has not been a mere "rubber stamp exercise." The amendments are usually developed and coordinated with the supporter of the state agreement before being introduced into Parliament. As a result, bills, as they have been introduced, are rarely amended. However, over the past decade, the VA government has benefited from amending an agreement to "modernize" and "normalize" it or impose additional obligations, again with the agreement of the supporter. The VA government also took the opportunity to amend existing government agreements to improve local content commitments. Since 2011, new Member States` agreements have increasingly incorporated local content provisions to ensure that local businesses can get the "maximum" benefits from these important projects. Other effects of the law are the obligation for the joint venture to develop and implement a communal development plan and a local participation plan.

These plans must be developed and submitted to the Minister by June 25, 2020. When submitting additional proposals (necessary for the transformation of gas by third parties), the joint venture must provide the Minister, unless requested otherwise by the Minister, with information on the impact that the proposed activities of the supplementary proposal may have on the initial communal development plan and the local participation plan. (i) an indication of the volume and nature of current natural gas reserves in licence areas and in areas of authorization for commercial development; we expect this trend to continue, particularly in cases where state agreements are being renewed or other changes are being made. "First Priority Gas": a sufficient supply of proven natural gas in licensed areas to provide the balance on the date of the breakdown of the PJ 3023 PJ which is the subject of the Commission`s contracts and whose balance has been the subject of the agreements covered in paragraphs (i) - vi) of the definition of aggregation contracts at the time of the breakdown; The agreement on the Alumina refinery (Mitchell Plateau) was denounced in 2015, with the agreement of its promoter, because of the recognition of the important values of conservation and cultivation of the territory subject to the agreement.

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