Napa Agreement

-December 13, 2020-

Napa Agreement

Mike Burroughs

For states that do not use a participating addition or addition that covers only certain entities, other authorized entities may participate in a master`s contract, as described in a participation document for eligible entities provided by NASPO ValuePoint. Please read the authorization document for the details of the authorization. 2.7 Delivery. Unless otherwise agreed, the estimated delivery time for the NAPA system and equipment is as stated in the agreement. The extent of the services provided (if any) is specified in the agreement. Before providing the services, the customer will provide Napa, at its own expense, with correct and sufficient data and other information on the ship`s characteristics data, ship-to-shore communication systems, maritime NETWORK and applicable signalling or interface formats and protocols, in accordance with Napa`s written instructions and within Napa`s time frames. The delivery time begins when Napa`s order has been accepted and all necessary data has been received and confirmed correctly and satisfactorily. The delivery time is excluded from the delivery time. Before the delivery date of the services, the customer establishes at his own expense the installation environment in accordance with Napa`s written instructions. The vessel`s attendance time must be planned in advance between the parties and approved by the authorized deck officer on board the vessel. The customer`s contact person sends a schedule offered by email to Napa undertakes to confirm or reject the proposed schedule during normal assistance periods, without undue delay. The timing of participation in the vessel is considered to be confirmed as soon as the two parties have agreed and Napa has received a firm order from the service.

The failure or delay of the customer in the preparation of the installation environment or the provision of correct and sufficient data and information, as requested in writing by Napa, frees Napa from any responsibility for delivery delays or errors resulting and Napa has the right to move (i) parts of its service that can only begin after the customer has provided missing data or information or that the installation environment has been prepared; (ii) the fee is charged for the period during which Napa staff wait on site; (iii) to charge the customer for additional Napa work; (iv) to charge the customer additional travel expenses resulting from the rescheduling of the delivery; and (v) to charge an additional 100% fee on current daily service rates for overtime that Napa staff work in order to reduce the risk of delivery delays due to customer delay. 5.11 Full agreement and amendments. The agreement constitutes the entire agreement and replaces all previous obligations between the parties with respect to determining the obligations arising from the agreement. Any changes to the agreement must be made in writing. One of the most important advances in cooperation between NAPA and Carnival has been the development of the NAPA emergency computer to meet the need for a precise, simple and robust system of support for on-board decisions for flood incidents, which exceeds regulatory requirements. NAPA Emergency Computer has been installed since 2016 on all new Carnival buildings and facilities for selected existing ships began last year with Princess Cruises Royal Princess and Regal Princess. An agreement has also been signed to equip Carnival Splendor and Carnival Breeze with the NAPA emergency computer. NAPA operates worldwide and has 11 subsidiaries in Asia, Europe and North and South America, supported by its headquarters in Helsinki. To date, NAPA has 420 user organizations for its design solutions and 2,500 shipboard facilities.

For more information, see A participating addendum (PA) is usually used by a State-in-Chief official procurements (CPO) to establish a state contract linked to a NASPO ValuePoint lead contract.

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