Mathworks Enterprise Agreement

-December 12, 2020-

Mathworks Enterprise Agreement

Mike Burroughs

When the representative checked the account, he informed me that we are violating the license agreement because it is actually intended for an end user to be activated 4 times for that user, not 4 different users. Kind of boring. For faculties only, a technical collaborator is available to UW teachers to integrate MATLAB into the program. Send an email to, mention "School Curriculum Development and Support" and you`re at the University of Washington. MATLAB Production Server™ is an application server for integrating MATLAB® analytics into web, database and enterprise production applications run on dedicated servers or in Microsoft Azure. You can create algorithms in MATLAB, pack them using the MATLAB SDK COMPILER™ and then deploy them on MATLAB Production Server without re-coded or create a custom infrastructure. The elasticity of the Azure infrastructure in combination with MATLAB Production Server allows your application to support many users at the same time. MATLAB® code is ready for production and can be delivered securely and integrated into computer systems, data sources and operating technologies. IT can work with engineering teams to: "By creating stand-alone operational programs with the MATLAB compiler and their automatic execution, we can provide daily forecasts and forecasts to Horizon analysts.... Our IT department has installed us on the Enterprise server and we are updating the programs without any additional help from them. Training discounts for teachers and students are available, see: For more information, please see questions about the installation and operation of MATLAB and toolboxes: global technical support is available to IT administrators and end-users via the MathWorks software maintenance service.

To submit this form, you must accept our privacy policy. Contact us for an individual review and get prices based on your needs. . All toolkits are part of the campus business license purchased by Mathworks UW IT. . The Named user license is assigned to one person (no Shared NetID), is only available to that user and can be installed on up to two devices. This licensing option requires a minimum purchase of 10 keys per product per order. Choose this license if you represent a higher education institution that wants to make MATLAB and Simulink available to all faculties, researchers and students on university computer and private property. Students can obtain a free Matlab license to be used on computers they own personally. To register your UW-Student-Mathworks account and download the software, go to the UW portal at Mathworks.

Is anyone else dealing with Matlab? I don`t know what`s going to come out of this license violation, but as it stands, I can`t even delete users` names, because the button is gone and now, when I turn on a computer that belonged to a previous user, it only indicates the older user`s name instead of the disk ID.

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