Good Friday Agreement Read

-December 9, 2020-

Good Friday Agreement Read

Mike Burroughs

If I were with my father, they would take my accent like a Protestant child. Conversely, if I were with my mother, I would be read or perceived as a Catholic child. This led to very different experiences of the British police or army, who naturally relaxed when they met my father, considered "one of them", so that they were not around my mother. Similarly, Catholics or Republicans would easily speak around my mother while obsessing over my father`s accent. One of the most important ways for people in Northern Ireland to find out what a person`s "site" is is by name. In this respect, my name has often proved confusing to people, as my first name is in the Irish language and is therefore read as Catholic or nationalist, whereas my surname in its rigid English would not be moved on to an English MP or a character in a Jane Austen novel. So my positioning in the northern Ireland context was a bit fluid, as I grew up, at different times inside or at the other, both and looking at both. Whether this has given me a useful perspective to look at Northern Irish society on many sides, or if it is such a strange experience that I completely deny my ability to understand both, it is up to the reader to decide. The agreement came after many years of complex discussions, proposals and compromises. A lot of people have made a great contribution. Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern were the leaders of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland at the time. The presidency was chaired by U.S.

Special Envoy George Mitchell. [3] As part of the agreement, the British Parliament repealed the Government of Ireland Act 1920 (which had founded Northern Ireland, divided Ireland and asserted territorial law over the whole of Ireland) and the people of Ireland amended Articles 2 and 3 of the Irish Constitution, which asserted a territorial right to Northern Ireland. In 2004, negotiations were held between the two governments, the DUP, and Sinn Féin, for an agreement to restore the institutions. The talks failed, but a document published by governments detailing the changes to the Belfast agreement was known as the "comprehensive agreement." However, on 26 September 2005, it was announced that the Provisional Republican Army of Ireland had completely closed its arsenal of weapons and had "taken it out of service". Nevertheless, many trade unionists, especially the DUP, remained skeptical. Among the loyalist paramilitaries, only the Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF) had decommissioned all weapons. [21] Further negotiations took place in October 2006 and resulted in the St Andrews Agreement. This book attempts to shed light on some of the most important themes of Northern Irish society today, by telling the stories of some of those most affected by these problems and explaining the challenges that different groups face and represent. This is by no means a comprehensive investigation. Twenty years of a society are far too rich and complex to be distilled into a book.

However, it tries to arm readers with an awareness of some of the most important issues, in the hope that it will increase their awareness and understanding of many of the major issues facing Northern Ireland today. I hope that it will be useful, in a way, to inform the discussions, both locally and internationally, if we celebrate this milestone on the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. Direct domination of London ended in Northern Ireland when power was formally transferred to the new Northern Ireland Assembly, the North-South Council and the Anglo-Irish Council when the opening decisions of the Anglo-Irish Agreement came into force on 2 December 1999. [15] [16] [17] Article 4, paragraph 2 of the Anglo-Irish Agreement (the agreement between the British and Irish governments on the implementation of the Belfast Agreement) required both governments to inquire in writing about compliance with the terms of entry into force of the Anglo-Irish Agreement; The latter is expected to come into effect as soon as both notifications are received. [18] The government br

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