City University Access Agreement

-December 5, 2020-

City University Access Agreement

Mike Burroughs

Although it is home to more universities than some entire countries, it is far from dominated by students, and those who study in the city tend to immerse themselves in local culture instead of falling into student bubbles. You can find all the access agreements allowed here. Just scroll through the list and click on the name of the university or university you are interested in. Or use the search function: you can browse the list in alphabetical order and by type of institute, i.e. higher education institutions or secondary schools (FEC). The access and participation plan outlines how, as a university, we will improve equality of opportunity in higher education. Each university or higher education institution wishing to collect tuition fees of more than US$6,000 per year for national and foreign students must have an access and participation program approved by the Office of Studies. The main Setagaya and Todoroki campuses are both located in the city of Tokyo. The third campus is located in Yokohama, about 25 km away, home to the university`s Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Computer Science.

All student courses take place on the same campus, but a reliable shuttle connects them, allowing university students to visit friends or use facilities elsewhere. The access and participation plan that is applicable to you is based on the academic year in which you started your current studies with us. However, until 2019/20, access and participation plans have been developed each year, with the university approving a five-year plan for students from 2020/21 to 2024/25 due to the ambition and commitment displayed in our most recent submission. As part of enrolling in the Student Office, the city`s access and participation plan was approved by the Director of Fair Access and Participation. It explains our commitment to equitable access and support for students in 2019/20. Access and participation plans explain how higher education providers will improve equal opportunities for under-represented groups to access higher education, succeed and progress. Any university or higher education institution wishing to collect tuition fees for home and EU students and/or postgraduate students in PGCE or initial training for students who attend the basic level must have an access agreement approved by the Director of Fair Access with the Office of Students (OfS). This is the case for full-time and part-time students who study with an intensity of at least 25% of a full cycle. First-time buyers focused on the School for Teacher Training (SCITTs) no longer need access agreements, but you can see an archive of previous SCITT access agreements. Our current and past access agreements are available below. Just select the academic year you are interested in.

Tokyo is one of the largest and busiest cities in the world. Although little traditional Japanese culture, it is the modern, diverse, technologically advanced archetypal city, served by first-class train, bus and metro networks, full of new fashion trends and never stagnant or silent.

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